January 24, 2012
We sat in a brightly lit kitchen
Reenacting old arguments
Like Shakespearean works

Old with an immediacy we can't seem to shake

We'd forgotten the lines we wrote without trying
On a long-ago night in August
Heat in the air, heat between us

We create the dust we breathe
As the pictures of vacations to Europe
Sit in boxes under stairs in houses
Faces blurring, colours falling into their sepia slumber

And one day
Will your children find my face interesting enough to ask my name?
And if they do
What will you say of me?

How will you introduce me to those who cannot yet understand
Bodies that move as one
Passion like earthquakes and electricity
And the thrill of shoulders touching in a room full of people?

And how will you introduce me to those who cannot yet understand
Invisible bonds splintering
Learning to turn away from a kiss
And the quiet formation of dust in an empty room?

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TheGreightGutzby said...
Apr. 14, 2012 at 11:36 pm
This poem was really hard to figure out but this is what i think it means. Either its about a relationship you had or in now. You kind of envision your future with that someone and you can only see dissapoinment.
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