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January 30, 2012
By writerstar12 BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
writerstar12 BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
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Why do the lies keep going?
Are they ever going to end?
Everything seems to be out of place
Is the truth ever going to come out?

His running away from the truth
Thinking he can get away
What he doesn’t get is
the girl knows the truth

There’s no point in hiding now
But he still hides
Keeping it all in
He doesn’t want to let it out

Thinks saying “that’s honest truth” will ever hide the truth
saying false information
thinks he can got away
The girl remembers from back then
She knows
he isn’t telling the truth
Boy just thinks she forgotten everything
Well that isn’t true

He says he has never talk to her in his life
She remembers when he said “you’re my number one house dog”
There goes another lie.

There are so many thing he could haven not say
To make it look like a lie
From the girl’s understanding he doesn’t know how to lie

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