January 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Hidden behind articles of crazy, I am innocent
Read "behind" the lines of accusations
They are after me
Mad at me for happiness I am capsuling
Hard for them to swallow
All the things, in which do not exist
They feed me lies
And the dining tables empty
The drink is anger
Please forgive me for my venting
I feel I'm sinking
I hate what I am drinking
They blame me for my angry
Can I blame them for my feeling?
I feel confused
And misused
The bruises that they do, they shield wit tattoos
They tell that its cool
They tell me money rules
They tell me I should stay in bed, I shouldn't go to school
Its true
Cause everything I do
They say Ethan keep it up
My whole life I've been asleep and I'm finally waking up
I know I'm messing up
I know that life is rough
And even though its them, its myself In which I cut
Wats up

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