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January 29, 2012
By together95 BRONZE, Baltimore, Arkansas
together95 BRONZE, Baltimore, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Romans 5:8

The soft sound of his voice speaks low and slow,
Sultry and inviting,
It’s so intense and has chills racing throughout my body.
I do not speak – I do not breathe,
I listen to every word

His words are dark and passionate and spoken with desire

He appears as an angel of light, promising me the world.
“Bow down and worship me,” he says softly “and all of this will be yours.”
He sweeps his arm across the nations, everything glittering like diamonds.
Turning back to me, he is pleased to see that I am mesmerized by it all – the power, and riches – all could be mine.
“Just a few words,” he smiles. “say them and you will live in glory and assurance.”
He steps closer, the air around him seeming enticing and mysterious.
I look back at the nations, my heart beating rapidly.
Seeing his face again, there’s no doubt that I will promise anything he wishes.

But before I begin…

“My child…”
My heart speaks within, a gentle, silent voice.
It is strong and peaceful, unlike the angel’s before me.
“I am here.” I answer aloud.
A moment passes before it speaks again.
“I Am.”
My very soul shudders at its words as it continues…
“I Am that I Am and there is none before me. I Am the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. You are my sheep, and I your Shepherd, but you are lost and I have come for you.”

My heart doesn’t seem to beat as I speak aloud.
“What is your name?”
“Jesus Christ…”
“Jesus Christ,” I repeat softly, and the angel before me flinches.
I look into his eyes and see fear.
“Jesus,” I say again, watching his eyes darken and his features express false confidence.
“King of Kings and Lord of Lords!” I shout, forgetting the nations, the power and the glory.
Jesus gave me strength as he uncovered my eyes to the truth and I repeated everything He said to the angel.
“2.000 years ago, I overcame the grave and defeated evil by dying upon the Cross!”
The angel begins to lose its light as it screamed in agony as I spoke.
“I rose again, for death could not hold me! I rescued my children from the grave, for my Father has not forsaken them! The day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that I AM LORD AND KING FOREVER!!”
The angel screeched in terror as the nations erupted in flames; the promises he made and the feelings I had burned away.

His words were chilling and passionate and easy to believe, for he used the lust of the eyes and desires, as he gripped me soul tighter and tighter.

But the grip of Jesus is tighter still, for I will not turn back to the false promises and give him my soul.

When the dark angel reappears,
He will be seven times stronger.
But when Jesus steps in with majesty and glory, only one will be left standing…

Holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty,
Holy, holy…
Holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty,
Holy, holy…

The author's comments:
God wrote this. I'm just the one with the pen in hand :)

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