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Thinking Inside The Box

Would life be easier for everyone
If I hid myself in a little box and
Sent that box to a place afar where
No one could remove all of the locks?

It'd make things much simpler for the
Average Joe, no comments no questions
To be asked of or heard by strange ol' me
No cerebrations, no contemplations.

Shattered emotions, broken to pieces
The hearts of those that should not have been
For when I see this happen I feel their pain
I feel as though I've commited a sin.

Truer my words have never been spoken
I might as well be locked in this Prison
I feel that I do not deserve to live freely
I feel that I should remain until my spirit is risen.

Yes, life would be simpler for me and for you
If I were just tossed in the Pacific
For lost I will be, worry you'll not
I'll be forever gone, a destination unspecific.

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