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Where is she?

January 24, 2012
By ashlyn939 PLATINUM, Lynchburg, Virginia
ashlyn939 PLATINUM, Lynchburg, Virginia
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"Love means holding on to someone just as hard as you can because if you don't, one blink and they might disappear... forever." -Ellen Hopkins, Impulse

Where is that girl? That girl who told me she cared and wrote those sweet words for me

I hide my tears from you, now that you are gone…. I was like a translucent piece of glass shatter but you acted like you didn’t see

You had my world at the palm of your hand but you let it roll off your hand and watched it fall

You said you didn’t want to share, but neither did I so you let do of my hand and acted like nothing was wrong and stood tall

Who was the one who tried to convince you that you where so beautiful in my eyes but no, you believed it when it came from him

I should’ve known that there was something wrong when, all of a sudden, the sparrow’s eyes looked into mine as they started to dim

You let you tight grasp diminish when it seemed like somehow I had become the only one who wanted to hold on tight

But I was the one who stood there and held that young sparrow and watched it die bit-by-bit ever-single freaking night

You said that it hurt to let go but when you gave that note to me I didn’t see one tear drop

Yet, when I read your words filled with anger and hurt tears started to slip they hit your words and sat there on top

It’s really is time I guess. You love your blue firefly and I’ve got my own my own, no reason to carry all these lies

The light disappeared, never knew you could ever have, oh, so many people leave you in one day it’s too many goodbyes

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