Love Advice

January 24, 2012
“Love is nothing more than friendship on fire.” We could all learn something from this little quote. Love starts off as friends, then it grows into a big beautiful Rose. Once that “rose” has fully grown, you think it can grow eleven more, but truly it can’t. One “rose” may love, but two “roses” may share a lifetime together. Sometimes these “roses” don’t even know that they are meant to be together, that is until they are picked from a “rose” bush, cleansed, and refreshed, to smell even better than before. When they have been paired together, they finally realize that it was meant to be. If one of the “roses” doesn’t feel the same way that the other “rose” does, that’s just because this “rose” knows that it has some other “flower” waiting for it. Although you may not see it, but all of the other “flowers” do. They know how you truly feel about that “rose.” They try and help you forget the other “rose”, but that doesn’t seem to work. One “orchid” told me, that all it takes to get over and forget about the other “rose”, is to hold your “petals” up high, fight away the “raindrops”, and try your best to forget about where that “rose” got blown off to. If you do this, then you’ll probably be just fine, but if you are struggling with this, then just try and find some way to get it all off your “leaf”, so you can float swiftly through the air!

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