Tell Me About My Life

January 24, 2012
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Watch me string the clouds together then tell me it's crooked,
Watch me brush a unicorn then tell me it's too fluffy,
Watch me twist the skyline then call me a child,
Watch me live my life perfectly then say it's going "just fine."

Look at me now. Tell me was it worth it?
Am I good enough now?
Am I doing life right?
Can you tell me how I'm doing
Or am I not worth your breath?

I'd pluck a star from the sky
If you'd tell me no lies,
If you'd tell me why I'm so bad;
I'd do anything to change it.
What makes me so mean?
Why am I such a horrible person?
Why can't you look me in the eye?
What can I do?

Distance yourself children,
Behind this mask is an ugly beast.
Don't get too close;
They say I've got a mean bite
And an ugly heart.

Do you know why I was born this way?
Why God must hate me?
Do you know how to fix it,
How to undo all the damage I've done?

I would trade my pretty words
I would give up my sharp tongue
I would surrender my shield
For two minutes worth the truth

Cut my hair
Rip my clothes
Trash my jewelry
Leave me standing with my bare soul
Let me see the true evil I hold within.

Tell me what you see in me,
Why my actions are so wrong
Why the music I like is trash
Why the things I love are crap -
Tell me what I don't know.

Watch me float on a rainbow,
Watch me walk on the ocean,
Watch me talk to the moon,
Watch me flirt with the stars,
Then tell me I'm worthless.
That's fine.
But please, just tell me why I exist,
Tell me the answers I don't think I know,

And then tell me about my life.

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