Home Sweet Home

January 24, 2012
By fortewhitney BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
fortewhitney BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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Where I’m from is rural

Lots of creeks and streams with dark water

Back roads as Main streets

Cows, Sheep and other animals walking with me feet to feet

Trees of every kind

My favorite is the coconut because it’s fun to climb

I now live in the city

Not “The” city, but one of a kind

Things I have in mind:

Is this like my place of birth?

Why here out of all places on Earth?

Comparing my place of birth to where I now reside

Makes me wonder, would I still have the same feeling that I do inside?

The feeling of Love, family, and everything right.

Back to my birthplace one day would be nice.

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pwyehuns said...
on Feb. 4 2012 at 1:47 pm
Congratulations on getting your first poem accepted online! You have many wonderful images in this poem that paint a picture of Home Sweet Home. My favorite: "Back roads as Main streets". You ask one of those big questions: "Why here out of all places on Earth?" Keep on writing!

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