The Wishing Tree

January 24, 2012
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I am the guardian of the legendary tree of life. This tree has been called many things but it's famously known as the wishing tree. But don't be fooled by it's name; this tree is an evil thing. No one knows exactly who created the tree. But it is said that the tree is made out of the souls of warriors who died on the battle field. These souls have not let go of there earthly lives and there for can not move on to the afterlife. The lost souls attach themselves to a baobab tree and over time The tree grew to become its own being. To stay in existence the tree needed more souls to feed on. Taking the form of a woman it called on the villagers and told of a tree up in the hills that will grant one wish. Some villagers went in seek of the tree, other's villagers were very skeptic. The villagers that went in seek of the wishing tree never came back.The villagers that stayed told of the tree and made a profit off the location of the tree. So heed my words Traveler this is your first and final warning do not seek upon this tree for death is the only thing that is granted there.

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