Nice Leather Shoes

January 24, 2012
Soft tings of
A bent, metallic bar,
Lost among dozens of deep, booming hides
The memory fades, the thought almost gone,
Forgotten until it reminds you
With a brief little ding that creeps
Through your fingertips to your spine

Tropical storm,
Half an ocean away
Creeping to the mind’s shore
You continue routine.
Time carries on,
But time carries strength.

An addict’s bangle,
Monitoring, testing
Waiting for a mistake
Kept hidden beneath the cover of loose denim
From the nosey eyes of society

Invisible ink splattered on the skin
Invisible, as promised
Only a certain set of words
Will properly glow
To reveal what you have done

And then finally,
Long overdue,
Your feet halt in their route.

Today you put down your guard.
Unprotected after so many years,
You’re faced with a just-big-enough puddle.
Today, your feet are not waterproof.

It stretches across the cobblestone
You can’t avoid it.
You can’t hide.
You can’t pretend.
You can’t do anything, but
Face it.
You and your nice leather shoes.

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