Who Am I ?

January 24, 2012
I come from beautiful faces with beautiful minds
From hard struggles to recent peaceful times
I come from a strong gorgeous woman
And handsome well-placed man

I am from deep thoughts that can be expressed through pen
From talent of two who I can always depend on
An Independent soul who could sometimes get lost
But find his place on the road where he began

I am from a beautiful family whose love burns more than desire
From desire that would once be thrown into fire
From a gunshot that burnt deep into my dreams
Robberies that once never kept me at ease

But family keeps me together as a person
I’m spread apart between all of them; no one else can figure me out
A puzzle to be solved and they got all my pieces
Where I’m from doesn’t matter if I don’t know who’s in it

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pwyehuns said...
Feb. 4, 2012 at 2:09 pm
Congratulations on having your first poem accepted on-line! The strong family is evident throughout your poem, but my favorite stanza is the last: "A puzzle to be solved and they got all my pieces..." Nicely done! Keep on writing!
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