ME: a poem

January 24, 2012
I come from a family of sophistication
We skate in the street and listen to reverb nation
I come from a family of non-skaters and rock haters
That’s why I stand out, I am an influential powerhouse
I help my mom make decisions and I now have my cousins following in my footsteps
I come from grandmothers who tell you to believe in your dreams
And grandfathers who teach you how to play a sport
I come from moms who are relaxed and help me do whatever I put my mind to
I come from an absent father who only calls twice a year and the last time I saw him was 11 years ago
I come from optimism and friends’ moms who give me advice on difficult subjects
I come from caretakers, and drama haters and people who keep things bottled up
I come from me, a strong, independent, and intelligent person.

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