January 27, 2012
By Me-UnderGround SILVER, Erie, Kansas
Me-UnderGround SILVER, Erie, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"not all who wander are lost"
'Carpe Diem'

Your grave is something I can never face.
My feet won’t let me go and say my final goodbyes.
I’ve never made it past the Iron Gate.
Those metal bars that protect the dead bodies.
Those dead bodies lying underground.
Like yours.
Oh how I hate the cemetery.
The cement statues in the cemetery mock me.
Those cement angels wings make shadows on my face.
Why did god call you home?
Did he know you weren’t done with your life on earth?
Everything happens for a reason.
But I have reason to believe,
That this horrible ending wasn’t fate.
The knife came out quickly.
You hit the ground hard.
Blood covered you.
Then it covered me.
I fell to my knees and held your limp body in my arms.
I held in my scream as the robber ran away.
Why did you have to be so brave?
Why did you have to say no to his demands?
If you would have just given the robber my ring,
You’d still be alive.
I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know how to handle it.
As I watched you slowly drifting away.
My tears fell around you.
I couldn’t hold them in.
“I’ll see you soon.”
You whispered to me.
The last words ids ever hear you speak.
I didn’t understand.
What could you mean by that?
I’d never be able to ask you.
I hate the memory of that starry night.
I blame myself for your death.
I was the one who wanted to go out.
I was the one who wanted to go on a date.
You never said no to me.
So you agreed to take me.
I hate god for calling you home.
I wasn’t ready for you to go.
Every day since that night I beg god to bring you back.
Doesn’t he realize I need you in my life?
Now I am left alone.
Wishing I had strength to visit your grave.
My feet still won’t move past the Iron Gate.
Those iron bars.
Those statues.
They mock me.
So as always,
I leave you a rose on the stone wall.
Then I whisper,
“I love you James.”
I have faith you can hear me.
Wherever you are.
I feel a warm breeze come over me.
I have faith it’s you.
I know you’re with me.
In spirit that is.
Without that faith,
I couldn’t live.
God took you away from me.
You died too young.
But I know it wasn’t just god that killed you.
It was something called,
Twisted fate.

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