The Tale of Two Swans

January 27, 2012
By ShiaraDaydream BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
ShiaraDaydream BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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"Always kiss the one you love as if every kiss was your last."

Two swans
One innocent
The other sinful
Odette was pure
Odile was tainted
Odette loved the foolish prince
Odile stole him
For he was undeniably human
Flawed and easily swayed
Isn’t it sad?
How the kind Odette
Caught the attention of the dark Wizard?
And how the Prince
The Hero
The Savior
Chose the wicked Odile?
The difference between
Good and Evil
Is not so clear now
The Prince’s weakness is the
Black Swan
The embodiment of all things
Pertaining to Sin
While the dark Wizard’s weakness is the
White Swan
An angel on earth
Who is evil?
Who is good?

The author's comments:
Lately I have been thinking a lot about Swan Lake and this has always bothered me. We automatically assume the wizard is evil. Yes, he did turn Odette into a swan but the prince who we love and glorify falls in love with Odile directly after promising his everlasting love to Odette!!! Yet he is the hero of the story...

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