Love like Romeo

January 27, 2012
By Me-UnderGround SILVER, Erie, Kansas
Me-UnderGround SILVER, Erie, Kansas
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How can you look into my eyes and see all my flaws,
But still stand in front of me and say you love me?
Do you not understand what a mess I am?
Do you realize how much I need you in my life?
You say you love me.
Even though I’m a mess.
Do you have any clue that Romeo and Juliet die in the end?
Are you willing to die for me?
Are you not even a bit scared?
Are you scared to live a life without me?
Believe me baby girl,
I’m not going anywhere.
My heart is here with you.
Keep it safe my love.
It’s broken into bits and pieces.
But I know you’ll look after it well.
My heart was broken from my twisted past.
Torn into shreds.
Yet you don’t mind.
You’re something special.
Something I swear never to lose.
My life without you would have no use.
No meaning.
No purpose.
If you weren’t in my life,
Stars would no longer shine.
They would stay in the sky showing no light.
The moon would get lonely and blame me.
The love we have,
No one could compare.
Romeo would be jealous of me,
If he knew I was in love with Juliet too.
So this is me,
Standing in front of you.
Promising to love you forever.
I will always be your knight in dull armor.
As long as you want me.

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