The Song of Juliet

January 27, 2012
By The_Goddess_18 BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
The_Goddess_18 BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
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To better to have loved and lost than to have never loved
Paris by my side, valiant and noble
The rebellious Romeo, so close and so far
I can see them both, though I cannot hold them
For they are as a fickle wind

Oh, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?
Why is it star-crossed fate,
To have loved you so long, and not have you?

Paris, my darling, my love of now
My world in the petals of a lily
Sweet, soft, but hardy, green, bright fire

To have loved and love both
Unfair in its justice, a torment
Paris is mine, Paris is here, Paris is now

Oh, Romeo
You were a past, a thought, a wish
But how you still have my heart, even as
Another possesses it?

It hurts to split myself in two
But I will not half you for my sanctity
They fight; Paris falls. Never. Never.
My two closest friends, you both have my heart

My intention is not to wound
For both of you I would drink from the apothecary
And if I could serve you both a justice
Love’s dagger would forever be sheathed
Forever rust within me.
My hurts, your hurts, forever held within me.

I want no quarrel, no hate, no hard hearts
Instead, I will do this:
Romeo, forever be my friend, and maybe a future awaits,
Instead of a death.
Paris, be mine until I can serve thee no more
Until I cannot do thee thy rightfulness.

Romeo, I love you
Paris, I love you
My heart is in two,
For both of you

I want no quarrel, no hate, no problem
I need to be clear, need you here
Paris, be mine until you’ve finished with me
Romeo: Please don’t ever leave.

The author's comments:
I did this for two boys I love very much and care about. I will not specify names, or what they are to me, but I did this at a time when I thought I would lose them both. Please enjoy.

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