Dear Mom

January 17, 2012
By 05Daze_001 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
05Daze_001 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
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I remember rushing home to tell you what happened at school.
I remember when you saw me at my absolute worst,
Crying at nothing,
But you were still there.
We always had insiders,
And a couple of smart remarks.
I remember never going to bed mad.
There was never hurt or confusion.
When I wrote about my hero,
I always put you.
Someone I wanted to be,
Again, I would put you.
I'm not so sure.
I recall our movie nights.
Looking at pictures,
I see nothing but happiness.
I always had a smile,
And you were the one behind the lense.
I use to feel like I was your world,
Now I've lost you in mine.
It's so obvious we barely know eachother.

A few years have gone by.
A few mistakes have happened.
Growing up...
Wait, I mean growing apart.

I would do antying,
I mean anything,
To be eight again.
Running in oyour arms,
Talking about everything,
Feeling your support, your warmth.
You would ask me,
"Hannah, what do you want to be when you group up?"
"You," "A Teacher," A doctor."
It always changed,
So you would always ask.
I use to think I could be anything.
But now I feel like nothing.
A wasted space.
How I wish I could erase the past few years and do everything over.
I don't want you to think I hate you.
I never could.
I just hate how we've grown apart.

You live next door,
But I don't feel welcomed.
Everyone seems so hateful towards me over there.
What did I do wrong?
Please, tell me.
I can fix it...

Today, I told you I wanted to dye my hair again.
To that, you told me I'm screaming for attention.
I said no.
But, honestly?
I am.
I'm screaming for yours...

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