Now Gone

January 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Sitting in my room, tears running down my face. Thinking to myself how could he walk away. I gave him my heart to show him I care. I all I got in return is a heart needing repair. I was always real, but he i guess he chose no deal. Laying here crying all night, all i wanted to do is fight. Can't eat, sleep, or drink, while sitting here, all I can do is think. Why did he go away, what was his purpose for saying he was going to stay. I thought he was the one, but I guess I what I saw was none. Leaving my life, I guess i was a human sacrifice. While taking my love as a joke, all I could do was hope. Looking around, seeing him everywhere, trying hard not to stare. Hearing his sound, I turn around. Trying to remember how life went on, all I could get was a image of me him. Mama told me I needed to stop looking behind, but i had too many different feelings running through my mind. After he disappeared, I felled to realize he would never reaper. He say I was his boo, but I guess I never really got the real clue. Sitting here cleaning the tears off my face, always knowing he will one day be REPLACED.

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