accompaniment for If Only You Knew the Rain

January 26, 2012
By , Concord, MA
Have you ever run in the rain? Alone, in the cool mist, or maybe drizzle, or maybe torrential downpour. Barefoot, with your heart lifting up high in your chest. You feel alive, like you were meant to be, like you have a purpose. And as the slippery concrete gives way to cool damp earthy-smelling grass, live grass, you wake up. And you run like you’ve never run before, or it feels like that anyway, like you could do this for the rest of your life, just run and feel the freedom in the cloudy gray skies and the gently swaying trees and the cool mist chilling and warming your body at the same time. You smile, no, beam at everything and at nothing. And you can’t help the laughter that escapes you. And it thunders and you feel like maybe the rain’s laughing with you too. And you imagine the light tinkling sound of the raindrops are musical peals of laughter and the thunder is a big booming guffaw, and the world is laughing with you. And you fall down and lie in the wet grass, damp alive grass, and stare up at those clouds and trees, and let the drops fall on you and wash the rest of the world away, so it’s just you and the rain and the grass and the trees, and you’re all laughing and swaying together in a sea of eternity.

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