Early River Valley Civilization

January 26, 2012
Egypt is located in Northern Africa along the Nile River.
Sustainable agriculture can deliver
crops grown by the peasants
who were treated harshly which was not pleasant.
Deserts, mountains, seas and cataracts
surrounded Egypt which are facts.

With a natural protection from invaders,
Egyptians were able to be traders.
Since the Nile rose predictably every year,
no one shed a tear.
It was useful to a civilization
for hygiene/drinking, food, irrigation and transportation.

Egypt’s social pyramid was made up of six stages:
the pharaoh, government officials, priests, scribes, artisans and peasants.
Each social class had a specific role..
Pharaoh’s decorated tombs and buried items such as bowls.
Because Egyptians believe that afterlife is much like life in this world, it was their duty
to be surrounded by objects of beauty.
With an advanced culture and technology,
Egypt contributed a lot of ideas and inventions to the world.

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