Pages of Fatigue

January 26, 2012
Throw open those weary eyes, encumbered with tire and tears of frustration, from poring over those bulky voluminous stacks of superficial text; uninteresting and entailed with irrelevant and unconnected facts.
Endless evenings of cramming and extraneous knowledge grinding through our minds, waiting yet for respite.
Fatigued and overworked, yearning for this meaningless strain and wretched angst to disappear, like smoke from a purposeless fire.
The night which ever so slyly creeps into the timeline, amounts to dawn, as pages and pages containing stale information, neither engaging nor appealing to the interest, are yet to be flipped.
Like the cat that stealthily and gradually seeks its mouse, the first bits of daylight and the truth insidiously dawn upon us- bringing an unwelcome realization- that only a few more hours are left... until yet again we robots sit down to traverse through further floods of material...and spit out more vacuous facts...without curiosity, without drive, only with stress and what good?

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