January 26, 2012
The mind is limitless. It can go anywhere, do anything, be anything, all within the boundries of the imagination. So then my first statment is false but also false. How else was the automobile or cell phone or satilite invented? Some one had to think out side of the box to create the idea of something so complicated. Limitless.

It’s the same as impossible, but impossible is only a concept, a doubt, not a fact. They said it was impossible to send man into space but it happened They said it was impossible to fly until the wright brothers came along. It use to be thought impossible to breathe underwater but now there are scuba divers. So in fact, nothing is impossible if you at least try and push past your limits. I’ll state it again, impossible is a boundry, a doubt, a concept, not a fact. It’s the people who do the impossible that are limitless. The people who are willing to go past their limits that prove impossible.

I want to be impossible.

I want to be limitless.

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