Not as easy as a single layup

January 26, 2012
By amerrickan BRONZE, Woodside, New York
amerrickan BRONZE, Woodside, New York
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As the days go on and time flies by,
I really need to say goodbye
Things don't seem to be going very well,
The problem is, only I can tell
People say life is too short so live it up,
But life isn't as easy as a single layup
I'm the type of person that doesn't see the good things,
Because honestly I don't see the good that life brings
The world through my eyes come out to be bad,
Not only that, there are many more more things I can add
The suffering, the pressure, the bullying, the lectures,
And that's only the beginning to my story
A big factor of this negative side of my life would be my mom and dad,
When I can't seem to please them, of course it makes me sad
They expect a lot from me as you can see,
But when I try so hard, it only hurts me
If only life was easier, then maybe I can enjoy it
To mend my two worlds that have just split
By two worlds I mean what I really feel and what I act on the outside
One world for everyone and the other for me in which I hide,
Yet I have come to notice that seeing the bad things won't really help you,
Because no matter what, you'll make it through
Whether good or bad, there will be a better view
In life I mean, because now I believe
That life is too short for you to just leave
So you have to live the good life up,
It may not be as easy as a single layup,
But if it's bad, just start off new,
It will pay off, even if you don't have the slightest clue.

The author's comments:
My life inspired me to write this. It isn't exactly how my life goes, but it is really close to it.

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