A Latina's World

January 26, 2012
By marie880 GOLD, New York City, New York
marie880 GOLD, New York City, New York
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As a Latina living in America we are taught many things by our parents
The most important being to have pride in your culture
A Latina is known for her curves
But what does an American Latina do in today’s society?
Living in a society where woman are only considered beautiful if thin
Makes a Latina lose her pride
Latinas have to work harder than most to beat the stereotype
Has anyone ever stopped to think many of us haven’t succeeded because of the pressure?
A Latina is expected to be:

Smarter… mas Inteligente

Prettier… Mas Bonita

More Unique… Mas Unica

More Dynamic… Mas Dinamica

More Confident… mas Cofidencia
But what is a Latina to do if she doesn’t feel this way?
Living in America you hear the snickers of the jealous
Saying, “God I hate them, they have the better skin, hair and body”
Or you hear the snickers of the thin making fun of our curves
Does anyone hear the confusion and need to fit in, right here in our voice/
Or are our just going to silence our cries and blame us if we fail?
How can you blame us if we grew up in one culture but don’t know “ours?”
How can you blame us for worrying about our image when we live in a society that emphasizes looks?
How can you blame us for not being a “full” Latina?
How can you dare accuse us of denying our race, when we don’t even know who we are as individuals?
It’s a painful journey through a Latina’s world
A world where for generations our cries have been disregarded
But I as a Boricua will not enter that world
I will have pride with no restrictions, regulations or confusion
Yo soy Boricua
Yo soy italiana
Yo soy Americana
Viviendo en un mundo de Latinas

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