Night's Day

January 26, 2012
By C.H.Lupsha BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
C.H.Lupsha BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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"A poem starts as the worst feeling in the world, and as you pound at it, smash it and destroy what it means to you, it then becomes words on a page" -C.H.Lupsha

T’was such a night, with night’s white eye beaming ov’r head
That we two bewildered and mixed children of Adam and Eve
Do find our paths barren and our hearts so wreathed with hurt
That we may find the company of another so inviting, so relaxing
We, who had nowhere else to turn, do find that we are now an indivisible pair
Joined by commonality and the lust of another, we are the inseparable
We are the ones who know more about each other than we know about our own self
Now we not walk in the shadow of night, but heavens eye that shines with brilliance bright
We walk together into the light that cannot blind us, cannot hurt us
We walk to eternal adoration; we walk jointly to the end of our lives

The author's comments:
Taking a small cue from William Shakespear, and absorbing my feelings about this girl that i was dating at the time. Though, when i first started writing this it was in my head as i walked home from a football game and it was super dark and the moon was full and shining over head. It felt amazing to write this poem, and i hope many people like reading it as much as i liked writing it.

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