Going to Bed

January 26, 2012
Going to bed, I wanted it all to be a dream
Waking the next morning, it’s all reality
The pain I felt, so much like a thousand fists
I fall from my grace, onto a bed of nails
What will this life hold for me, I shall not know
For in the end we are but one thing, dead
Dead to the world, dead to each other
And it’s this death they feed on, feed for their life
We cannot escape the fate, of a thousand lies

Give me a reason to live, oh my master
When you told me we were through
I thought you were joking…but you weren’t
I wanted to die that day
Curl up into a ball and die
When you told me that
All I could think about was the blood dripping down my arm
All I could think about was the death that could come so easly
All I wanted was death

I regret not being better for you
I regret not being there for you
I regret a lot of things
But most of all I regret saying those things
I wish I could have done better
I wish I could have been better
I wish…
I wish…
I wish…
That’s all I can do now…is wish
Wish for a better tomorrow
Wish for a better life
Wish for the pain to go away

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