Tall Tale

January 26, 2012
Here be a dead man sing
Of tales as tall as giants
To a man who knows no fear
Of a story told like any other
And here be the story told:
“Once upon a young lads day
Stood a wall as tall as the tallest tree
He looked upon such a mighty thing
And grabbed his things and spun aright
But upon his actions, an old man stood
And said some words, that I will say too now
‘I have stood at this wall, for all my life
Not knowing how to conquer it
I pray to you my young lad
You go over this wall now
And don’t. Look. Back’
So the young lad turned aright
Looked at the wall
And smiled a great big smile
Stepped forth to the wall
And prodded it once
And with that prod it came crumbling down
He turned and looked for the old man
But saw no one in sight
And continued on his journey
To where ever it may lay”
There be the story told
You may ask, what be of the young lad?
I’ll say this once, so listen good
He went on to tell this tale to all
Who walked on by his head.

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