Life, Love, Days

January 26, 2012
By Lexie.G. BRONZE, Cuba City, Wisconsin
Lexie.G. BRONZE, Cuba City, Wisconsin
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And in the end it seems
Like all I've got is words
And by the end do i mean
Life, Love, Days
We seem to wander life
Looking for something
That thing that completes us
Makes us us
But what we need to realize
Is that we are us
I didn't want it to end this way
And by end I am lost at a loss
For words, thoughts, ideas
The days, lives, loves
They are endless
Endless in the sense that
They end when you least expect
They begin when you least expect
They are what you least expect
Them to be
I am
This confusion lies deep within
Deep within it festers
Like a disease
A disease that makes total sense
But what sense do you need
When you have life, love, days
It's the life you live
That determines
The love you deserve
In the days of your life
Filled with love.
You hold all you've got
In this idea, thought, word
You pray to a god
That does not answer
Does not answer with words
Words he does not use
His actions make you
This god
Is Life, Love, Days
This god is sunlight
Happiness is sunlight
Happiness is his smile
Is his kisses
His laugh
God is this
This life
This love
This day
You could search for that
That thing
You could spend life
Trying to define
When what is really needed
Is acceptance
That you are what you do
What you search for
Is hopeless
You need nothing save
The happiness
When you accept him
He is everywhere
Your life
Your love
Your days
I didn't want it to end this way
And by this
What I mean is this
Look around
Searching hopelessly
For something so hopeless
Is hopeless
You find it in giving up
The hopelessness that haunts you
Haunts your happiness
Your sunshine
Hopelessness is lost
When giving up
Winging it
Is all you've got
Losing hopelessness
Is finding hope
Gaining a new look
On life, love, days
Fill your life
With days filled
With love and in turn
You'll gain hope
The end is no-where
It does not exist
You are
The beginning, middle, end
You are what you desire
Desire who you are
Gain hope, sunshine, happiness
Wake up hungry
Hungry for life, love, days
Feed this hunger with desire
For the sunshine of happiness
That fills your life with love
And a new day
This new day
Is everything and nothing
It is what you make it
It evolves to be what you need
It's a drug
An addiction
Yet this addiction is healthy
This addiction is the hunger
You have for life, love, days
Be an addict for hope's sake
For the sake of that desire
Feed the hunger
Losing hopelessness
Is gaining desire for life
Gaining faith
This faith I've been searching for
Has been waiting for me
To be an addict
For sunshine, happiness
Faith is hunger
Hunger for life
Desire for days
Hope for love
We don't need
We don't want
We have
Have what
Life, love, days?
Questions can be asked
But acceptance is
Is losing hopelessness
This hopelessness is key
To gaining faith
Faith in sunshine, happiness
Look around
You have life, love, days
The end is the beginning of faith
The end is the understanding
That searching is hopeless
The end is sitting down
And feeding the hunger
Becoming the addict
That has been waiting
Waiting to be hope
Hoping to be
Just be what it is you desire
And if it's fear
Fear you feel
Fear that overrides the hope
Fear that continues the search
Hope for the end, the beginning
If you fear loss
Know that loss
Is the gain of understanding
Fear is in life
Life is love
Love is your days
Your days are filled with words
Words that define you

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