Flying to Somewhere

January 26, 2012
By Anonymous

She soared through the air, dipping down into the clouds occasionally and picking up speed. The wind tousled her hair like dry leaves in the fall. She took a breath and bit her lip as the pure joy of flying enveloped her like a warm familiar blanket. Nothing is better than this, she decided.
Not dark rich chocolate melting on your tongue, nor opening the very first present on Christmas morning. She coasted in the air for a while and began to gently decrease in speed. This is superior to all joys in life. With a sigh of immeasurable pleasure, she flipped over onto her back and floated as you would on a meandering stream. Her slender fingertips brushed against soft cool clouds as she passed above them. She knew that down below, the storm was raging, but up here, oh so far up above the clouds, the sun smiled down at her and she was as free as the noble eagles that soared along beside her. She had found her SOMEWHERE, over the rainbow.

The author's comments:
this entry was written based on
my own feelings (exaggerated) of riding a bike
for the first time of the season


Jo Jo star was here

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