A Dedication To An Ex

January 26, 2012
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I thought that maybe this time we would last, because there would no one to come in between us, but I guess you doubted us because for the third time you have seized my heart and threw at the ground and shattered it.
I thought that maybe you would change but I guess not.
Now I hope you read this and know that I will never trust you again, never will I be able to look at you and say I love you.
Next time you try to get close to me I will push you away and I will never be the same when I am with you.
You have killed the girl that was head over hells in love with you.
That girl thought that this time was going to be different.
But that girl was wrong wasn’t she?
That was the last time that this girl is never going to look at you the same.
This girl has had enough of people like you trying to steal her heart and then once you have you break it.
Knowing you, you will say you love me but you will never do any thing about it.
And if you do try to do something I will turn you away and never let you back into my heart back into my head.
You have had your fun getting inside my heart and head, but you will do that no more.
This girl is gone she will never exist to you any more.
This girl is me…
And I am done with you.

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IMme2 said...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 11:09 am
sorry for the typo hells is really heels!!!
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