nothing but lies

January 26, 2012
By Anonymous

He said i was only one yet all i could think was "yeah righ" Its like he wore a mask whenever he was around me when i can see past you mask and see the guy he was trying hide. Once i was a fool who could not see the you that almost everyone could see and would warn me of i am not the same girl i use be. He says he love me but i know that a lie words are just words. He thinks he can still play his silly little mind games that use work on me. I am not his puppet anymore i have cut off my strings and free now. Trying hide under the face of a angel when he is a devil loving play his mind games witha ny girl who gives him any time or space in there heart and mind. Times has changed i have warned him before and before yet it like i was mute but he lost me along time ago. No longer can see what i saw before anymore can't even look with same eye anymore. Words he try say is just a echo that he has repeated so many times. I have thrown away any love i may of had for him he is yesterday news.Our time has ended and i have shut my door on him don't wanna hear any of his lies anymore they mean nothing to me. Its time say goodbye and grow up or find a another girl to play your silly little mind games you love to play .

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