crazy thoughs

Its like my heart skips beat when he near can he hear my heart beating because it feels like my heart beating so fast it a drum. My walls that surround me whenever he near and melts the ice that surround my heart. I get these weird feelings that i almost forgot about and thought i locked them away along time ago. Yet it looks like they have gotten free and taking control of me again. Hes like this endless slide show that won't go off even when i close my mind he in my dreams too. Is this what people call love? Is he the Mr.Right that we all looking for. Its like i am shedding off my old skin and becoming a butterfly he slowly got rid of the old skin i wore that was protecting me. He has found the key to my heart that i though i threw away along time ago. Its like in blink of the eye he came in fast as the wind. I wonder if i give him my heart will he give me his i have almost forgotten what it felt like when i get these weird wonders pop in my head just from hearing a name. He sees the me that has been hiding so long and can see into my soul. Its like my mind is all cloudy when I'm near him he messes with my head in smallest ways.

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