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January 25, 2012
By roconnell BRONZE, Branchville, New Jersey
roconnell BRONZE, Branchville, New Jersey
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The cursed live in times of progress
The damned exist in times of light
(I have always felt somewhat jinxed and spend my days amidst the rest of the damned)
When doing more and gaining more mean wealth and happiness and fame
Nobody stoops to doing right
I am shocked to hear that good fortune was once wished upon another
As now it is everyone’s goal
A goal taken up by the piping advertiser who, with his beautiful people and stupid signs (or is that backwards?)
Lures in each witless soul
Alas I digress.

Welcome, my friend
Our cities are the pinnacle of achievement, where every important person, by law, must reside
In such a dense human forest there is plenty of fresh air
We sing of the advancements of our cultures and
On that ungodly occasion of true genius, worry not, the glimmer is quickly drowned by our always-flashing lights
Fear not, my friend, as our system is quite fair
To ensure equality our government is divided into one thousand parties- you can even create your own
To prevent any unwanted bias, the following are official decrees:
Art is left to the judgment of the blind
Music is to be given praise by the deaf
Writing is critiqued by the illiterate
While science is to be made a game by the fool
And on top of this, believe it or not, we are making more progress every day
Welcome to Earth, my friend, how long would you like to stay?

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