January 16, 2012
By terras. SILVER, Bowie, Maryland
terras. SILVER, Bowie, Maryland
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when you look at me
what do you see
am i not everything you asked me to be
balck and lovely
soft and caring
but you never noticed what was missing
maybe i wanted to sing
or just fling
have you ever thought that maybe i liked dancing
even laughing
or maybe i just wanted you to know how i feel
or maybe that was just too real
i never wanted to have a bad living
its not like im saoring but i just wanted to fly
maybe one day ill even touch the sky
is that too much to ask from you
maybe i dont want my favorite color to be blue
but it was always you
that kept me back from doing the things i wanted to do
even though what i wanted to do was not approved by you
my dreams were still beautiful and when i had the chance to get a awat from you i should have flew

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