Mistaken Dreams

January 16, 2012
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There once was a boy so nimble and weak.
All he wanted to do was reach his peak.

Then one day his friend introduced him to something great.
It was a PS3 that he could never hate.

The boy played and played day and night.
Even though some of the games gave his mother a fright.

He played and played until he grew old.
Something was missing, his heart felt cold.

After much thought, he saw he had abandoned his own life.
What could fill the gap he wondered? Surely, a good hearted wife.

He left his games, his eyes red and blurry, and entered the world.
Into another dimension, he felt he had been hurled.

Soon his mind could properly work, released of the tension.
He found a purpose in life….a new mission…a wife to give all of his attention.

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