Unsung Lovesong

January 16, 2012
I hold it in;
Bite my tongue,
Cause your love song
Is painfully unsung.

I flinch
when you walk past me;
my stomach turns
at your stare.

I sleep through the night
And breathe easy
Only when you’re not there.

Your mouth shoots words of fire
That burn me to the core.

But yet I stay and wait
For the love my heart yearns for.

I long to bloom
Like a sunflower.
Towards the sun,
My head held high;

But you stripped away
my confidence
that was rightfully mine.

Mascara stains my pillow
As I pull the covers
Over my face.
My body tightly curls
As I pretend that
I am safe.

I know that you’d deny it,
You’d say it isn’t true.
But every time you speak that lie…
My heart is hurt anew.

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