January 18, 2012
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“How are you?”
Hundreds of voices screech in her head.
She thinks back to the lonely tears she has shed.
She wants to be different, she wants to change.
Then she hears a voice, a stranger respond through her lips. They say
“I’m okay.”

I see past the makeup she spends hours perfecting,
And past the masks she’s tried dissecting,
And I see a girl.

I see a girl, who’s scared to show what’s deep down inside,
So she thinks she has to hide.
But deep down, she’s the strongest girl I know,
Pure honesty and selflessness are the things that show.
Her life revolves around what she can do for you.
But she always forgets that she’s important too.
That’s not okay.

She’s beautiful.
But I know to that, she is blind.
And when she looks in the mirror, I don’t know what goes through her mind.
But I know they’re all lies, lies she’s taught herself to believe through the years,
Lies that in reality, just mask her fears.
And I wish she could see, that they’re only lies,
That they’re covering up the beauty and strength in her eyes,
That they’ve clouded her vision until she looks in the mirror and sees a girl that she hates.
She stops; and thinks. This isn’t her fate.

She’s realizing the mirror’s lies are not true,
She realizing she no longer has to hide from you,
She’s on her way to letting her beauty shine through.
She cares. I care.
She won’t give up. She’s almost there.

She looks down on her arm and sees the scars of the past.
And realizes that despite on her skin,
in her head and future, they won’t last.
And when someone asks, she says she’s okay.

It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to let everything go,
It’s okay to cry, and let the inside show.

Because everything will be okay in the end, so if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.
I will always be your friend.
It will be okay.

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