I finally cry

January 18, 2012
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Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it gets away, but if you pay attention to other things, it will calmly come sit on your shoulder.

I used to think I was invincible
nothing could hurt me
no one could break me
now i'm not so sure
how much more can i endure?
I've lost so many people
I've seen so much death
I've seen a lot of the world
Is there much of it left?
I've tried not to cry
every time they died
I've tried to be brave
while staring at their graves
I'm only 19 but i feel so old
I held on too long
I finally fold
I'm alone, I'm hurt, I'm tired
Where's that strong little girl
I once admired?
she's buried with sad memories
she died with their untold stories
they were too young to die
but death still had to try
I've said too many goodbye
somewhere deep inside

I finally cry

The author's comments:
Inspired by recent childhood friends and family who passed away. They were too young to die but death still had to try.

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