Where I'm From

January 18, 2012
By lrogers15 BRONZE, Amesbury, Massachusetts
lrogers15 BRONZE, Amesbury, Massachusetts
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I am from cars,
From Sony and basketballs.
I am from the deck over the lake.
(Bright, glistening,
it feels like a cool sea breeze.)
I am from the pine tree,
the lilac bush
whose potent flowers I remember
as if it were still spring.

I’m from running and piano,
Andrew and Rachel.
I’m from the musical
and the inquisitive.
I’m from the “do your homework” and “stop procrastinating”!
I’m from sitting in the choir loft
with my family
and listening to my dad play the organ.

I’m from Jack’s and Lynne’s Branch,
Prime rib and lobster.
From my grandma rolling down the stairs,
to the time
when my dad accidently bit his finger.

Inside the living room is a shelf
filled with pictures,
both old and new
to always remember.
I am from those memories—
remembered forever--
one branch from the family tree.

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