I am Torn

January 18, 2012
By Cam_the_Man BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cam_the_Man BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I am torn.
Between what is easy,
and what is good.
Between inner peace,
and doing what I should.

For the sin of the flesh,
and the sin of the heart,
ravage me restless,
till I need to depart

I am torn.
Longing only to see death’s sweet smile,
but fate won’t let me glimpse.
Longing only to see my time end,
but through destiny, my desire

And I can’t stop the flow of salvation;
it takes its toll on me.
I can’t stop the loveliness,
as I fall to bitter ecstasy.

I am torn.
Given too much of myself;
now on my soul others tread.
Given my whole to everything;
now I appear, and feel,

And this feeling, it toys with me,
till my senses have gone numb.
It takes a red, solemn rain,
for my pain to succumb.

I am nothing more, than simply torn.

The author's comments:
This piece is about the inner struggle amongst most teenagers. between the struggle to do what;s right and what is easy. Between helping yourself and helping others. Between the wanting to let go, and the wanting to hold on. This poem is about the inner demons in us all.

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