The City of Might

January 18, 2012
By ehopping SILVER, Rocklin, California
ehopping SILVER, Rocklin, California
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As I walk through the ashes of the rumbled city of might.
I see person a person on the street, holding a weak light.
The light represents what this city was before.
Flickering, dimming, soon to be no more.
It was the middle of the night, and soon the light would soon disappear
Representing that the city’s end was near.
When the light went out the person was gone.
didn't’t see anyone in the city again until it was almost dawn.

The citizens were skinny and their clothes were baggy.
The city itself was rumbled and shaggy.
As I walked through the streets the people moaned.
They were all hungry, tired, and some even alone.
I was the person, who did it to them,
I attacked this city, I cursed it to condemn
To the ashes of what it once was, and in time,
The city will only be rumbles and grime.
Who can do this to people and a city?
Take away its beauty and leave it with only pity.

I was the one, who started this war,
I did not kill, but I caused this gore.
Every person deserves their life,
But I took it away and stabbed them with a knife.
The city will never return to its glory,
and the future will only see a sad story.
I was the writer, and they were the pen.
They did the deeds, and I said when.

How could somebody be as evil and as cruel as me?
How could somebody cause what I see?
The rumble, the grumble, and the jumble I caused.
All of life in the city was devastated and paused.
Here I am in the middle of it all.
Wishing I could take it back, never make that call.
Here I am, in the rumbles of the city of might.
Wishing I could take it back, and never start the fight.

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