Adam and Eve (Modern Day Version 2012)

January 18, 2012
I sit at the bar lonely
Distracting myself solely
Taking a small sip of my drink
Giving myself time to think
I take a glance
My mind is in a trance
Who’s that at the door?
Hard not to adore
Typical ladies man
Getting all the numbers that he can
Working his way thru the club
Hoping the ladies show him some love
Skin so light like caramel
I bet on him like if he was for sale
He’s getting closer and my knees become weak
Ahhh… I feel like I’m 13
He’s either perfect or this is just a dream
To make sure I close my eyes I count slowly one, two, and three
And he’s still there right besides me
Little does he know that I’m out of his league
I’m a certified professional and he was a woman fiend
Never was the type to be on the party scene
A recent break up does a lot to me
Drinking my way into depression
Little do I know that stranger is coming to relieve me of my oppression
I try to play it cool like if I don’t notice him
The smell of that Polo cologne all over him
He raises his glass and looks at me
And says cheers to the heart broken
I had him all wrong he is just like me
Alone in a club
Trying to get over a breakup
He leans in and whispers in my ear
“Come dance with me stranger for the end of the night is near”
Although I am shy and I’ve seemed to be tamed
In the arms of a stranger I feel sane
He holds my hand and I hold his
And I’m stuck in bliss
As if…
It was just us two
A love so true
Alone… in your arms forever more
It seems by magic I was lured
And now I am secure
Slow breaths
As my head rests on his chest
And the sweat runs down his neck
the night has ended he says bye
And I reply in a hush tone so shy
Little does he know that we are bout to commit sins from which I cannot fathom
For my name is Eve and his is

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