Poems of the past

January 18, 2012
By gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
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What keeps us alive, what kills us?
My past is the darkest part of me,
how do I tell the one I love about my darkest past?
Let alone anyone?
My real family is where my darkest parts lay
I might seem bright,
Truth is I am very well dark,
Just like my ice cold heart,
My heart is hidden deep inside,
Hid behind my fears, hopes and dreams
Love will never find me
Until one day when I can trust and open my heart back up
But when that day comes, I might never know.

When I left you
I cried; when I saw you it was like I died
When I said I loved you, I lied
When you touched me, I burned

When I wanted you
You hated me, so I started craving adrenalin rushes
So the faster the better,
Whether it was fast cars, street bikes too
It didn’t matter even cliff diving
More adrenalin the better

So all the kids screaming of joy
Drowned out the sounds of cries that came from my eyes
So now I can hide in plain sight
No one will bother me with me as long as I can hide

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