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January 23, 2012
By enewco1394 SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
enewco1394 SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Anxious silver handkerchief
Slithers around my stubborn throat
Coils around
My curious scarlet features
Until I battle for air
In this familiar place
With a replica
Of every sage cloud

The author's comments:
In life, you are surrounded by people with internal demons. Anxiety, depression, fear, and loneliness. Some people let these hurdles define them, and eventually become an excuse for their shortcomings. They might even find themselves exaggerating these troubles to earn sympathy and avoid challenging circumstances. They blame their failures, their misery, and their lack of motivation on a mental ailment they have no interest in curing. But some people recognize the error in this lifestyle, and vow to be stronger, more self sufficient than these seemingly weak and dependent people. But internal monsters can crawl into the minds of any person, strong or not. And when those that strive to be stone-cold and strong, are faced with these demons, they are also faced with their own betrayal to themselves. They wonder if this makes them weak. They tell themselves that they must not ask for help, for it is their own fault. Therapists, pills, and complaining to any available ear would make them feel pathetic. So the silver handkerchief slowly strangles them, unable to speak. Their battle is a silent one. But eventually, they reach the same breaking point that the heart-on-sleeve people claim to be in. Only the independent human is too proud to admit it. Ultimately, both kinds of people become identical sage clouds in the sky, acquiring the same fate as those they believe to be their opposite.

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