This Class is Whack

January 23, 2012
By Marcello Molteni BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
Marcello Molteni BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
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I’m neither fond of math nor science.
The numbers, the words,
the pies and the flies.
The classrooms are stiff,
And so are the teachers.
Formaldehyde scares me, it’s unsettling and unpleasant.
Today in class, a surprise was thrown at me.
Our professor gave my group a nice, fat pheasant.
He said, “Dissect it, it’s for a grade.”
It made me sick, I began to feel queasy.
I poked its side and out came the embalming marmalade.
My face turned green as I began to faint.
My professor came around and said, “Come on, It’s easy!”
I wouldn’t do it, it was repulsive.
He said to me, “Fine, you can take a short math exam instead.”
I replied, “Two plus two is four and this student is out the door.”
That was my battle with math and science.
I picked up my books, gave a long stare,
and walked out the door with extreme confidence and slight defiance.

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