My One and Only Everything

January 23, 2012
By cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I don’t even know where to begin
Your sweet smile
The smell of your skin
Everything about you amazes me
And the fact that you’re mine?
Wow, that worked out perfectly

The way you kiss my forehead when I’ve had a bad day
The way you stroke my hair
And know the words I don’t have to say
I love burying my face in your neck
And coming to you with anything
You actually listen and not just hear
You literally take away all my fear

When you hold my hand
Our fingers intertwined
I’m truly, honestly, in heaven that you’re all mine
Everything I’ve ever wanted and needed
All wrapped up in one
I swear your eyes could outshine the sun

Even though you don’t believe me
When I tell you how perfect you are
We, us, what we have can take us pretty far
Overcome anything
Rise above all obstacles
What we got is beyond practical

Just having you is like a dream come true
And in taking 1 + 1
We make the perfect two
No matter what I am doing
I don’t care what it is
Anything is amazing
As long as it’s with you

Every day I wake up and feel like the luckiest girl alive
You are my world
All I need to survive
Our inside jokes
That special connection we share
The fact that I can be myself around you without a care

You make my life worth while
And you’re my hero without a doubt
Every minute with you is a blessing
Your sweet little comments
I can’t stop myself from blushing

You always go above and beyond my expectations
Never below
You’ll be one tough act to follow

Whenever I’m with you
Or just thinking about you for that matter
All I can do is smile
And smile
And smile
And worry about who’s watching after

Ever since that one evening in March
You’ve had me hooked
You copped my heart
You’re there to wipe the tears away
And somehow manage to rid my pain
I’ll always be here for you
And I know we’ll support each other in anything we do

Understanding me is easy for you
And even when I don’t
You know exactly what to do
And exactly what to say
And exactly how to act
And exactly how to keep my life perfectly intact

Complete, whole, unbroken, unharmed
No one else could ever imagine the feeling I get when I’m in your arms
Hearing your heart beating
Laying my head on your chest
Just completely letting go
Not caring about the rest

You should know when you look at me
You make my heart race
I especially love when the back of your hand brushes against my face
And goes under my chin
Lifting my lips to meet yours
That little kiss is magical
Truly out of this world

I love the hats you wear
Even though you don’t need to
Because I also love your hair
But they make you you
And I couldn’t ask for any better
There’s no one else like you
You’re someone I’ll always remember

Even the little things you do can give me butterflies
I can’t get over those beautiful brown eyes
And the eyelashes that I wish I had
And that silver retainer behind your teeth
And the adorable smile you flash me when I’m pretending to be mad

You take my breath away like it’s your job
And when I’m with you
I’d give anything to make time stop
Just for a little while, or just give us forever
But in reality, anytime spent with you is something I treasure

We’ve made many memories so far
But our time together is unlimited
And I can’t wait to see us go on

Your arms is my favorite place in the world
And just to add to your amazingness
You always smell good
And when you play the guitar for me
I can't help but smile and stare at you lovingly

You have so many talents
I can't keep track
And something I love is seeing you happy
When you smile, I smile back

I love hanging out at our houses
And going to football games
And even though I didn’t hang out with you there
I loved going to your game

Even just texting you gives me an amazing feeling
You have the cutest responses
And they just shoot my levels of happiness thru the ceiling
If I could spend every day with you
You know I would
But since I can't
Just talking to you makes my days brighter than anyone else could

I’ve never met a more amazing guy
One that will hold me when I cry
One that actually cares about me
And knows that I care for him too
I really love all the silly things we do
Like chill in parking lots and go to the zoo

Even though today is Christmas
A national holiday with presents and such
These past 9 months might as well have been holidays too
Because I receive a gift every day when I spend it with you

When you’re not well, neither am I
Nor will the stars be aligned
If there’s ever a disagreement between us
But now that I think about it
Nothing could ever get between us
And in a perfect world
There will only be us
Forever and always
Together as one
But wait, you make my life perfect
You make my world perfect
You, you, you
You are perfect
The definition of perfection
"The quality of something that is as good or suitable as it can possibly be"
That’s you and me

I can’t imagine my life with anyone else
Nor do I want to
Because all I ever want and need is you

You give me purpose to live
And you are the air that I breathe
Without you I could not go on

I love how we can laugh
And we’re the only ones who know why
I love how we can slow dance
And look into each other’s eyes
We place our foreheads together
And share the secret of two lovers coming together as one

Some may call this “teenage love”
But we know it’s much more than that
You’re someone I’d fight to the end for
Give my whole life for
And give my whole heart to
No one deserves the best more than you
And I try my hardest
To be everything that I can
Because I wouldn’t let you settle for anything less

I know it’s true love
When right when you leave
I miss you so much
And when I can fall asleep in your arms
And wake up to a dream come true
Just being with you

It’s so cute when you wink at me
And kiss me on the nose
And I love how the path to your house
Like the back of my hand I know

You know what makes me smile more than anything else in the world?
And everything you do
When you smile
I smile
And just to hear your voice
I’d walk ten thousand miles

I remember April 10th
And the nervousness in your voice
But I’m so glad I said yes
I know it was the right choice

I remember…let’s see
Ah yes, April 3rd
I remember it very vividly
Driving to your house for the first time
And praying to God that it wasn’t the last
Little did I know that I’d be blessed with the best 9 months that have ever passed

Even now when I text you saying “I’m on my way :D”
I get just as excited like it was our very first date
Wow, some things just never change

I cant believe that love has actually found me
When I least expected it
There you were
Like finally my prayers have been answered

Things just fell into place for us
Fate was on our side
And when I'm with you
I fall more in love every time

Ever since the day one you had me falling hard
You're like an angel's perfection
The breath at the end of a kiss
The silent tune of a love song
And pure bliss

What we've got is almost too good to be true
But I don't know how you do it
Make me love you so much
Make me miss you like crazy
Must be because you're so irresistible
And I just can't control myself
You've shown me what real beauty looks like
On the inside and out

We both know that we’re unstoppable
And that nothing can get in our way
I thank God for us each and every day

I can’t even look at you without wanting to kiss you
And the night we first met?
I’m so glad you were you
From the moment I saw you
Just the way you walked turned me on
And when you were sitting and leaning against that pole
I was immediately drawn

I’m like a child at Christmas when I know I get to see you
I get the chills just thinking about you
I’ll always be your cryin’ shoulder
And I know you’re mine too
God you’re so irresistible
Even the scars above your eye are cute

You always make me feel special
And you sure know how to treat a lady
Just your simple gestures mean the world
Like calling me your babygirl
Man, you got me goin’ crazy

And when you say “you…” with that cute little smirk
I know exactly how you’re going to finish it
By making fun of one of my stupid quirks

I love how you know my tickle-spot
And of course I know yours too
But without your attention to little things
You wouldn’t be you
Like the fact that you remember me pointing with my shoe
I'm so head over heels in love with you

If I’m scared, you’re there to protect me
And something truly amazing is
You let me be me
There’s no pressure involved
We take things slow
We go at our own pace
Just go with the flow

So this boy I've been talking about
Well he's perfect
But he's also tall and skinny and as gorgeous as can be
His laugh is to die for and he can make anyone smile
If only I was with him
And to be, again, I’d walk ten thousand miles

But since I can’t be
Sometimes when I need him the most
I just smell his shirt
And hold it close
As if it were him
I pretend it is
Imagining how it feels to rest my cheek against the curly brown locks of his

If you haven’t guessed it yet
I’ve been talking about you
Which is second on the list of things I do the most
Right after thinking about you

The thought of losing you is terrifying
Absolutely horrifying
And in doing anything to hurt you
I wouldn’t dare trying

You’ve seen me at my worst
But you still love me like it was my best
And I love that with you I don’t have to impress
You don’t care what I look like around you
And of course I couldn’t care less too
You’re perfect to me no matter what
And for you, anything I’d do

If a dream is a wish your heart makes
Then I’m living my dream come true
Our love is like the perfect fairytale
And this year, all I want for Christmas is you
With your dark complexion and sexy style
And your ongoing energy that drives me wild

We make a great team
You and me

I love how close we are
How comfortable we are around each other
And I love the random things we do when we're together

I love the necklace you gave me
It's truly beautiful in looks and meaning
That quote is the best way to show our love is true
Because what we have is indescribable

Nothing can capture the perfection
The beauty, the love, the passion
The want and need for each other
The unlimited attraction

I know it's impossible
But I wish I knew you as well as you know yourself
And I wish I could be with you every second of everyday
But then when I do see you
It's always well worth the wait

You’ve got that “sweet talk” that’s smooth like glass
And I love the fact that you’re always full of life
Everyone should be jealous of what we have

Thank you for keeping promises
And for just walking me out to my car
You’re a good influence on me
You really are

You’re more than good enough for me
You see what no one else sees
You know my deepest fears and wishes
All my secrets, hopes, and dreams
And yet, there’s no judgment involved
You love me for me

Those candy-sweet kisses are to die for
And you know I love you for who you are
And also, for the way you treat me
Your comforting words are all I need, plus more

You don’t hold back
But you don’t overdo it
And that’s why you’re perfect
And flawless
And together we fit
Like a puzzle, each piece is designed to complement another
That’s you and me
Thank God we have each other

I don’t know what I’d do without you
I honestly don’t
You bring me so much happiness
And give me the motivation to wake up each day
God, you’re such a sweetheart
And I thank Him for the path that led you my way

If I’d never met you
How different my life would be
I don’t think anyone could ever make me this happy

When I’m with you I have no worries
And I live in the moment with only you on my mind
Everything else disappears
I’m so happy this love is the true kind

Sometimes when you catch me staring
You ask why
And my response is “I just like looking at you”
But really, I’m staring in awe
That something so perfect is mine

I love just sitting and talking to you
When we enjoy each other’s company
And I love when you kiss me really fast
On the lips, nose, and cheek

I promise you can trust me
I swear baby, I do
You’ve gotta know it’s true
I cant imagine ever doing anything to hurt you
Or worse, doing something to lose you
I like the sound of us

Ultimately, I just want to thank you
Thank you for the trust I can have without a doubt
Thank you for the respect on which I can always place a count
Thank you for your optimism and warm, welcoming hugs
Thank you for being a good friend when I need one the most

And on this Christmas Day
Under the mistletoe I will stand
Waiting for my prince charming to take my hand
My knight in shining armor
The laces to my shoe
The one that can complete me with a simple kiss
And leave me breathless
Only able to whisper “I love you”

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