Loose Strings

January 23, 2012
By ausforhay4747 BRONZE, Bald Knob, Arkansas
ausforhay4747 BRONZE, Bald Knob, Arkansas
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Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Row, row, row your boat
up and down the stream
Will you sink
or will you float?
Life is but a dream

Soft like a pillow
caressing the face
Comforting like a mother's
welcoming embrace
Some dreams are perky
Others serene
My dreams, however,
are bursting at the seams

Tendrils of fabric
rustle in the wind
Whispering a bittersweet song
of happiness and sin

Flying by so quickly
Barely seeing my life
My vision smudged by a world
smothering in grief and strife

The sands of time
rush around me
chaffing my skin
Reminding me of
where I've been

I desire the time
when my life was simple
I could always find joy
no matter the season
Now I cannot laugh
I have no reason

Everything has changed
The happiness is gone
Every decision I've made
has turned terribly wrong

My past actions
reappear in my brain
Informing me that
nothing will ever be the same

I cannot return to the past
to correct my mistakes
My strength is withering
My hope fades

Haunting like a spirit
the past glares into my soul
I have no direction
No idea where to go

Making no impact
I quietly exit the stage
In the book we call life
I will merely be
a wrinkle on a page

Condemned by others
I drown in loneliness
Longing for the past
only intensifies the pain

Struggling against
the inevitable
I try to collect
the fragments of my life
Gathering the misplaced strings
that held it all together

Failure crushes my shoulders
My mind becomes weak
The ragged seams
release all of my dreams
Gone forever
Only because of
a few loose strings

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to hopefully relate with other people who have been disappointed in their lives. Sometimes I feel so broken and beaten down. I feel like my hope is in shreds and that all of my dreams will not come true. I always recover and push forward, like we all should.

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