The Storm

January 23, 2012
By Ravenne_Moore BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Ravenne_Moore BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Skies spent days trying to weep
The sun abused the village like a phoenix
That had burst into flames, causing the village to bleed
In the light. A crash
Burst from the sky, and down came a flow
Of rain, turning dry dirt black as a raven.

Like the crisp wings of a raven,
The storm swept through the skies, making the villagers weep
Their tears mimicking the flow
Of the storm, healing the earth like the tears of a phoenix.
Thunder and lightning blended in a crash
Of noise, mixing together and causing the skies to bleed.

The skies wept like blood
Falling from a gash in the sky, like a wound on the breast of a raven,
And the village celebrated in a crash
Of drums. The storm continued, causing even the angels to weep
In gratitude, dousing the flames of the phoenix
In the sky. The storm blocked the phoenix-hot sun and let the healing drops flow.

Yet, the world refused to cease its flow;
Time continued to bleed
Through the storm, until, like a phoenix,
The village rose from the ashes, reborn. A raven
Called through the wet night, its loneliness echoing through the villagers, and they wept.
The thunder came, and their weeping halted at the crash.

The resounding crash
Of thunder broke the flow
Of rain. The world paused, then the lightning wept
Its jagged way through the sky. The colors bled
In the light, and finally the mate of the raven
Responded, her call clear as the song of a phoenix.

The rain slowed, and the pattering beat halted like the heart of a dying phoenix,
Preparing for rebirth. The sky released a final crash,
The echo of the two ravens
Rang through the storm. Villagers stood in the ebbing flow
And watched as the colors bled
Back into the world. The world had ceased its weeping.

Rain forced the villagers to weep, and feel the joy of a phoenix,
Yet the sun would soon bleed into the world, crashing
Through the flow of time, darkening their hearts until they were as black as a raven.

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