That one Person

January 23, 2012
By teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
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Doesn’t shed a tear
Heart is strong as steal
Yet he soothes me when I cry
And some how makes my heart melt, this guy
Yepperz its *****
My lack of sleep, mmhmm he’s the cause
You see id rather talk to him for a couple of hours
Than go to bed at 10 sharp after my shower
What condition is this, what is the Case?
Duh im in love with his cutie cute face
No wait I take that back
What im in love with is the fact
He’s everything I want in a man
Like when he makes me proud with his strong Iman
The way he walks just looks so cool
Its what caught my attention on the first day of school
Kid with swagger?
Makes me trip and stagger
Just completely blows my mind
how could any one be so awesome and kind?
He talks to everyone with respect
And treats them even more correct
I like his good memory
He doesn’t let things go easily
That’s okay though because I tell him all
Good, bad, big, or small
I trust him because he trusts me back
Making me happy is his special knack
Truly really how can anyone be so perfect?
I can think of not one defect
What gets me the most is how much he cares
He cares deeply so very deeply I swear
The girl is gonna be so lucky that get to be with him
Cuz all the happiness and love in the world will be at the foot of her hem
I told him id write him another poem when I knew him better
So here it is, to you my love letter
Playing with words is what I do
Hope I got my message across to you
But no wait im not done
I still have so much more to say, a ton
But at this point words cant describe how I feel
You’re the best, most awesome, best of all your real
That smile of yours is just so playful
It instantly makes me smile just as joyful
And when you tell me you missed me I feel happy
Because truth is I missed you more but lets not get sappy
Nah what am I saying sappy is what you make want to be
And id do anything for you if you asked me
Ok its getting kinda late
Or else I would have written more if tomorrow I didn’t have to wake
See ya tomorrow my sweet little angel
I hope right now your dreams are as peaceful as my mind, I hope your restful

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a very special friend and it is filled with insiders. I had to "***" his name because i dont want it out there, and the word "Iman" means "Faith" in arabic.

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